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This site features my photography. My subject matter, has always been women. I've been privileged to shoot for some of the world's leading magazines including Playboy, Penthouse, Vogue, and Bazaar (American, and foreign editions). My advertising, and promotional accounts have included Clinique, Cover Girl, Maybelline, and Valentino. I've worked with some exceptional talents, and mentors. There are several individuals without whom I would not have enjoyed the measure of success that I had.

They include: Bob Guccione, and Joe Brooks at Penthouse; Rochelle Udell, and (the late) Alexander Lieberman at Vogue; and Lizzette Kattan at Bazaar Italia. Each told me to shoot for shoot my way; not to try to fulfill my idea of an art director's needs. I was told to make the best picture that I could, then to leave it to the capable hands of the art director.

I shoot all disciplines from 35 mm to 8X10. However it is the 35 mm format which I prefer for its extensive array of ultra-fast optics, and innovative body designs. I've used Nikons (from the days of the SP), Canons, Minoltas and Leicas.

In the early 70's I had marveled at the quality of images in the French magazine LUI. The photographer was Francis Giacobetti.

What followed was more than a decade of trying to emulate Giacobetti's quality using Kodachrome, and every trick that I could think of but to no avail.

One day while shooting an assignment for Bazaar in Morocco (1983), I switched from my system camera to an expensive camera that I carried (a Leica), vowing that I would finally use least for snapshots. Returning to Chicago I found, as I edited the film, that certain images were far more vivid than others including some, otherwise, nearly identical fashion photos.


I phoned Jim Larsen, a photo editor at Playboy. "I've discovered Giacobetti's secret!" I told Jim, "He shoots with Leica!". Jim merely replied, "He (Giacobetti) uses another brand of German camera." Nonetheless, my search was over. I had at long last attained the quality of images that, here to for, belonged only to Giacobetti.

Soon, more than a handful of photographers chose to emulate me and all switched to Leicas.

Today, with digital photography well established, I have chosen to use the Canon 5D. It is, for me, a better choice than the superlative, EOS-1Ds Mark II. That is because it is lighter in weight and being arthritic (70th birthday: NOV 02.2006), it is not so tiring to carry as would be the Mark II.

Though I love the versatility and the intuitive functions of the Canon, I also look forward to trying the Leica M8 ... a rangefinder model.

Herewith, I present a retrospective of my photographic work, and include a few recent images.

Stan Malinowski