Bumper & Nipper Dogs / SM_00021_RT16
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Spring 2005

About my dogs: I've had "Bumper" - the black dog - for about 5 years. She was found in Chicago and rescued by a young woman. I've had Nipper for about 4 years. Nipper was also found and rescued by a young woman - though, he was found in Brooklyn.*

His name was originally "Jack Kerouac" (On The Road) but I changed his name to "Nipper" as he used to nip at the heels of all who visited me. Nipper has, long since, stopped his nipping ways and is a lovable dog.

Bumper, is an Alpha female (she likes to be dominant). She allows Nipper to wrestle her down when they play fight but, otherwise, Bumper will impose her will.

* Nipper was driven to Chicago (from Brooklyn) by the young woman who found him in the streets because there was not a no-kill shelter, east of Chicago, that would accomodate the dog.

The dogs were really skinny when I adopted them. Nipper, in particular, was just fur draped over bones. When I first fed him, he gobbled four bowls of dry dog food as fast as he possibly could.

I take pictures of my dogs just about every day and hope to, eventually, put up a more comprehensive dog site with tips on caring for dogs (what I've learned from my dogs).