Mary at Devil's Cove

Mary at Devil's Cove, Zuma Beach | Vogue

1976: This was my first assignment for Vogue. I was "discovered" by Rochelle Udell, then Art Director of Vogue (currently the Editor of Self), because of my work in the pages of Penthouse. (I had returned to my apartment in Chicago, and had a message on my answering machine to "call Vogue!" I couldn't believe it.)

The editor on the shoot, Phyllis Posnick (now the editor of another Conde Nast publication, I believe) became increasingly disturbed because I had come directly from shooting for Penthouse (after all, a Penthouse photographer shooting for Vogue!).

But after the film was reviewed at Vogue, Phyllis passed on a lovely compliment to me, and offered me the opportunity to shoot for Glamour where she had become Editor (I never did because of the internal politics at Conde Nast). Eventually the pages were picked up, and run in a special issue published by Vogue Paris.