Donna at Dead Horse Canyon

Donna at Dead Horse Canyon | Moab, Utah | Bazaar

Model Donna Stia on a beauty shoot for Bazaar. Donna had never rappelled before. Our guides took her through it without props, and sans the appropriate garments. On her 2nd try Donna descended a bit too quickly for me to get all the shots that I wanted. Donna didn't want to do it a 3rd time, but finally she did. This is one of the shots that we got. A similar photo was used as a two page opener in Bazaar.

Not seen in this photo is a "shelf" about 30 feet below Donna; still walking backwards off the top of the mesa is just a bit unnerving unless you regularly do that sort of thing. I got to try rappelling when we finished this shot (if you'd like to see me rappelling click here).

It is my understanding that Dead Horse Canyon got its name when wild horses were corralled in a relatively small area at the top of this mesa which was entered by a narrow approach. The approach was then secured with a fence, and the horses had no means of egress. As the horses grew thirsty they made their way to the Colorado River which was just 3000 feet away...straight down.

The story may well be apocryphal but it does give the area some color, and its name.