John Sahag & Dayle Haddon

John Sahag & Dayle Haddon

John Sahag is my favorite hair stylist. He's done hundreds of covers for virtually every top fashion magazine that you can name.

I knew Sahag's reputation long before I met him. One evening I was to photograph a prima ballerina for Vogue.

The Ballerina walked into the studio seemingly accompanied by a tall, lean, scruffy looking fellow who was dressed in black leather. I figured this must be some "rock, and roller," hanger-on, friend of the ballerina.

Not really... It was Sahag!

The ballerina brought wigs, as her blonde hair was short, frizzy, and had black roots.

John said, "Darling, we can put a wig on you, but let me have a go at it first."

It seemed that only minutes later, John had the ballerina looking fabulous, and the ballerina shot without the wigs.

Here he's working with Dayle Haddon, a wonderful model: a woman of style!