Lighting Tiffin

Studio | Chicago suburbs | Alyce Designs

This was actually a setup to shoot full length shots of models. The models wore all sorts of dresses: black on black; white on white, and everything in between.

This single lighting setup was intended to maintain detail regardless of what was put before the camera.

There were four flash heads directed at the white background. The model was on a raised platform of white Formica (in order to keep a shadow from forming behind the model's feet), and the camera was placed at a low angle (nearly level with the platform).

Five flash heads were directed through a diffuser (at right); one flash head placed in front of the diffuser, was aimed directly at the model.

Finally, a soft box (fill light at left) was directed to the "shadow" side of the model.

Lighting ratios were determined through the use of Polaroid tests. The model above is Tiffin.