Bazaar | St.Moritz | August 1983

Too much light; late morning, the light is much too "hot." This is another of my "cover tries" for Bazaar. Sometimes one must shoot, when one must shoot, with little regard for time of day, and the quality of light.

I used a silk, to soften the harsh light, combined with a "double net" to cut the amount of light reaching the model (Kelly Emberg). Then a reflector was used to redirect the light.

Silks are used to create a "soft" light quality (They look like the material which covers soft boxes in studio lights). Nets (look like giant sections of a nylon stocking) work like neutral density filters; except they generally go between the light source, and the subject. Nets will cut highlights without affecting shadow areas, thus they can be used to lower contrast. A net can also be placed directly in a photo (in an out of focus area) to cut the amount of light emanating from an object or coming from the background. For example if one had an out of focus car in the background of a photo, and a chrome bumper (obviously an older model car) were creating a disturbing highlight, one could drape a net over the bumper. The net would cut the light ("double nets" cut twice the light), and because it would be in an out of focus area, the net would not show.