Marshall Field & Company | Chicago | circa 1981

I originally met Sandy Freeman (the model) at an auto dealership in a Chicago suburb. I thought she would be a terrific model, and asked her to call me. She never called, but months later she got established on her own, and became one of Chicago's busiest models.

This was to be a black & white newspaper ad for makeup.

I built a wooden frame, and lined it with heavy gauge black plastic, and filled it with water. Sandy took her position . and makeup components were placed in front of her. A soft light was directed through an overhead silk. A grid spot illuminated Sandy's hair. An optical spotlight was directed through a cardboard cutout to bring emphasis to her eyes. Reflectors were placed strategically to help light the makeup items.

The young woman you see to Sandy"s right is Marie Anderson-Boyd. Marie ran my office. She has since written the best book on modeling that I have seen: Model (2nd edition: fall 1997). Marie is also the co-owner of Aria Model Agency, Chicago.