Donna Stia | Moab, Utah | Bazaar | April 1982

The problem with heavily overcast skies is that light lacks direction. The quality of light is diffuse, and dispersed which tends to yield murky skin tones, and, in particular creates indistinct, muddy shadows around the eyes.

To work around this I had our guides at Arches National Park in Moab hold a silk over the model's head. The purpose was to cut down the "scattered" quality of the light, and to give it more direction. The latter was accomplished by placing a silver surfaced "blanket" (as a reflector) on the ground, and subsequently by directing the large reflector (at left) toward the model.

The shot was a "cover try" for Bazaar. Never got a cover on the U.S. edition, though I did have covers on various foreign editions. 300 mm. F:2.8 lens (wide open), and Kodachrome.