Bazaar | Sonoma, California | circa 1982

Simple, and straight forward. Camera, on a Gitzo tripod. Arca Swiss monoball tripod head, and a zoom lens (70 to 210 mm. or close to it). No silks, no nets, no reflectors (earlier in the day, yes; but not now); just direct, late-afternoon light.

My style of photography (tripod, carefully posed shots), evolved from my use of slower lenses (maximum aperture, F:4.0), and Kodachrome film (generally 64 ASA).

I still use tripods for most of my photos, because they help me to frame my shots rather precisely, as well as to keep the camera steady regardless of exposure speed.

Shooting in wine country is not a bad gig; we toured a winery, and, of course, sampled the libations.