Carol Alt by Malinowski

Christy Turlington by Michael Thompson

Carol Alt

Christy Turlington

Stan Malinowski | circa 1983

Michael Thompson | circa 1997

Two photographers: a technique resurrected

When I first saw Michael Thompson's photo of Christy Turlington for the cover of W, I thought it had a beautiful if rather familiar look to it. For a moment I almost thought I had taken the photo.

Actually I did a similar shot, with model Carol Alt, some fourteen years earlier for Harper's Bazaar.

The technique of placing the key light low (below the model's face) can yield stunning results...or it can create a monster effect, depending on how it's handled, and, I believe, success is greatly dependent on the model's physiognomy.

Both Carol Alt, and Christy Turlington have wonderful eyes, but I've never met Christy.

Nor have I met Michael Thompson whose work I've admired for several years. Michael never seems to disappoint. SM