Just the seven of us

Antigua | Playboy | 1979

You can pretty much tell who's been to Antigua, and who hasn't by the way they pronounce "Antigua." Those who have been there pronounce it as "an-tee'-gah." We here (in the U.S.) have traditionally pronounced it "an-teeg'-wah."

I went there an an assignment for Playboy to photograph "Girls of The Island" (the movie "The Island" with Michael Caine).

As it was, Al Ebner (far left in the photo) a wonderfully resourceful publicist, flew in a bunch of "ringers" (models to pose nude for Playboy, who were not actually in the movie).

Though Playboy never used the shots (for that reason), I developed a friendship with Al, who was one of the nicest, most laid-back, best publicists that I had ever worked with.

There was the time Al called me at the Gritti Palace in Venice; he was downstairs with Tom Selleck...but that's another story.