Size Counts

When size counts (800 mm telephoto) | circa 1983

On assignment for Bazaar in St. Moritz, I combined an 800 mm telephoto with a pair of Motorola transceivers to get the shot. Two Gitzo tripods fitted with Arca Swiss monoball tripod heads were in use as well. I also had some "sand, and snowshoes" which had been made by a Japanese company. They attached to the tripods to prevent the legs from sinking into the snow.

I used to import those tripod heads, and market them nationally (till the Swiss company was sold, and the new owner ignored my contract, and gave the importing rights to a Swiss dealer in New York).

A Florida based camera dealer. whose ads run in Shutterbug, and from whom I had bought thousands of dollars worth of equipment, insisted on sending me the (used) lens to "try." I returned it to him in the same condition (excellent) in which I received it. Then he sued me for not buying the lens.

Because of work I could not fly to Florida for the trial, and I ended up paying the full price of the lens, but receiving nothing. In spite of my settling the lawsuit by paying for the lens, the courts erroneously entered a judgment against me, which subsequently affected my credit rating.

There is no free lunch.