Stan at Work

Pix over many years, and
a couple of recent shots.

Above Pirates Cove
Above Pirates' Cove

intimate shoot
An "Intimate" shoot

Antigua Mud
Antigua Mud

Central Milan
Central Milan for Bazaar

Directing Cheryl
Directing Cheryl

Highlands Inn
Highlands at Big Sur

Shielded from Sun
Lawrence of Jamaica

Moab rafting
Moab Rafting shoot

Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo at the Casino

In the sea
Proper POV

Size Counts
When size Counts

Somewhere snowy

Stan w. Cigar
Stan & Cigar

Rappelling at Moab

St. Moritz
St. Moritz

Tarroudant, Morocco

Tucson for Bazaar

With Renee
Renee & Stan

With Jennifer
Recent photo with Jennifer

Tara with Stan, 1997
More recent photo with Tara