LEFT: Self-portrait made with a Sony DSC F505V digital camera, Saturday, October 6, 2001.

I set the camera on top of my TV set, pointed it where some window light would illuminate me, set the self timer and got into the picture.


November 1991

I've added this new page but I've, not yet, updated the site.

As you'll find. elsewhere on this site, I've shot for magazines including, Playboy, Penthouse, Vogue and Bazaar.

I have a couple of dogs that I adopted from a shelter. I choose not to leave them alone for more than an hour or two. I won't leave town without them and I won't check them as airline baggage, so I can only go as far as I can drive with my dogs (Alaska is within range).

UPDATE: February 2005 :
Feelin' good!

In addition to some model photography and actor head shots, I am doing more table-top photography as well as scenics, cityscapes, and neat little detail shots.

I'm also working on producing a small photo magazine, VU (pronounced "view"). It's a few years behind schedule but I am determined to get it out this year!

Bumper & Nipper
also had their
November 2nd.

Why not!
I've decided
they are both
4 years old.

But, who really knows
about a couple of strays
rescued from the streets.

JAN 2005 : I'm trying to catch a stray that I've seen on the street. I gave him some cheese yesterday but was unable to put a leash on him. I keep looking for him…


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